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At Gemmel, Todd & Merenich PA, our practice of law dates back decades and has included three former judges as partners. Today, our attorneys are well-regarded throughout the state for their work representing everyone from farmers, equestrians, school principals and superintendents to financial institutions and emerging business entrepreneurs.

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Agriculture And Equestrian Law

21st century problem-solving when the only constant is changing laws

Employment Law For Education Professionals

Plaintiff representation for those in charge facing allegations of wrong-doing and other challenges

Estate Planning And Probate

Effective solutions to protect your family or business legacy

Been Farming Long?

Whether you are running a fourth-generation family farm or looking to invest your inheritance in an organic winery or an equestrian venture, our attorneys offer practical legal support for agriculture and equestrian related concerns. We have been assisting New Jersey’s farmers and ranchers for decades. In one instance that we are particularly proud of – we took a case to the state Supreme Court and won, establishing an important precedent protecting a farmers’ “right to farm.”

Commercial success in any field of agriculture these days means exploring your diversification options. Opportunities abound. Diversification may include leaning into farmer’s markets, opening your fields to u-pick events for families, establishing farm stands, or opening a tasting room at your winery. Sustainable practices can be more complex than you realize. Obtaining certifications is time consuming and costly.

Each venture comes with a unique set of regulations or emerging regulation, as is the case for investing in a cannabis growing venture. While potentially profitable, New Jersey is still establishing cannabis regulations, which are subject to change. Let an experienced team guide your process.

We Help Education Professionals Contending With Employment Disputes

When you have dedicated your entire career to the halls of education, facing disciplinary action can be a terrifying prospect. Our attorneys understand that you may be struggling to have your side of the situation heard. There are always two sides to every circumstance. We will be there for you to ensure the establishment hears your side and your voice.

If issues of ethics concerns arise, your reputation, career and income are on the line. As a school principal, superintendent or business administrator, the stakes are high. You need strong legal representation when dealing with an established system.

At Gemmel, Todd & Merenich, our legal team has the experience you need. Do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you stand up to disciplinary action, ethics concerns, whistleblowing retaliation, discrimination and other employment disputes. Put our knowledge in your corner to protect your rights.

Estate Planning And Probate Can Be Distressing

The death of your loved one can be the worst time in your life. The last thing on your mind may be speaking with a lawyer to handle probate or administration of your family member’s estate. The grief and confusion of what to do next can be overwhelming without an experienced probate lawyer’s guidance. At Gemmel, Todd & Merenich, we are attorneys you can trust when you are in the middle of these trying times.

Many people realize while they are probating their loved one’s estate the necessity of establishing or updating their own estate plans. From simple wills and ancillary estate planning documents to creative trusts for protecting your individual or business legacy, we can help you.

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