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Agriculture Law For Farming And Ranching And Including Equestrian

As residential development spreads beyond urban areas in New Jersey, farmers increasingly clash with suburban areas. Contentious issues include stormwater management, local zoning and innovative land usage.

To protect your right to farm and operate rural agribusinesses in the face of suburban sprawl, you need the counsel of an experienced agricultural law attorney. Gemmel, Todd & Merenich is one of the few agricultural law firms in the state.

Look For These Qualities As You Choose Legal Counsel

Your lawyer should have the necessary knowledge and practical experience to assist you in establishing and successfully maintaining farming and ranching in the 21st century.

Our lead attorney has worked hard to protect farmers’ right to do business. He can get your game plan in shape for establishing a new cannabis enterprise, addressing water access dilemmas, buying or selling rural real estate and creating sound business plans suitable for today’s world.

Our Services Support Farm-Based Businesses, Sustainability, Water Rights And More

Our lawyers assist farmers and ranchers who are starting, expanding and preparing to sell vineyards and equestrian and cannabis operations, to name a few farm-based businesses. Diversification may include running wineries, farmers’ markets, farm stands and open-field “u-pick” events for families, each accompanied by a unique set of regulations.

As you seek to strengthen and flex your agricultural profitability, we can help guide you and your farm through complex and sensitive issues, including:

  • Farmland assessment and valuation
  • Sound farm management practices
  • Farm conservation plans
  • Appeals of local zoning laws that may seem designed to push you out of business

We fought one case all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court and won a tough precedent establishing farmers’ right to farm in the face of surrounding local land use regulations.

Establishing sustainable practices can be more complex than you realize. For example, certifying your fields for organic produce is time-consuming and costly. Let an experienced attorney guide you through all necessary processes.

Overcoming Water Supply Challenges

With continued development, the Department of Environmental Protection may put tough limits on the water supply you need, whether you get your water from a stream, a river or a well. If you have land but no water, your farm will not be viable.

Our law firm has helped many landowners through water supply allocation difficulties. Stream encroachment by others or accusations of illegal stream encroachment are sure signs that you need legal help. We can help secure your water rights so your crops won’t go thirsty and your agribusiness can continue to thrive.

Launching And Managing Equestrian Businesses

We advise landowners interested in serious equestrian operations on all necessary legal aspects, including:

  • Zoning
  • Management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Water access

Get Direction For Your Agribusiness Aspirations

As one of the few law firms catering to farmers, ranchers and others with agricultural interests in New Jersey, Gemmel, Todd & Merenich is a valuable resource for many. Also ask us about estate planning or probate with your family’s farm in mind.

Call us at 609-927-7200 or send an email inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.